Ecclesial Collective Action

Canadian Sanctuary Network – a voluntary network which advocates fair treatment for refugee claimants and, where possible, seeks remedies for refugee claimants who have been mistakenly rejected.

Christian Peacemaker Teams – a group dedicated to international non-violent direct action

Anglican Resources

Project Canterbury – a free database of Anglican theology

Anglo-Catholic Socialism – an assortment of Anglo-Catholic Socialist writings and history

Society of Sacramental Socialists – A group of Socialist Christians in the UK; it is the successor organization to the Jubilee Group

The Ecclesial University –  A mission of the Society for the Life of the Parish

Anglican Blogs

Evening Haze – Joshua Paetkau

Church Going – Jonathan Dyck

Origin Stories – Andre Forget

Life on Lindsey– Stephen Setzer and friends, on living and working in a marginalized community in East Dallas

TheBishopsViews – The Rt. Rev. Dennis Drainville’s blog on the Church, Canadian Politics,  and Society

Whitterings: The Musings of a Rural Archdeacon – The Ven. Edward Simonton, OGS

Valuable Reading

Kai Nagata – An independent Canadian journalist and documentary filmmaker working on issues of social and ecological justice

Ibo et Non Redibo – A web-log of miscellany by Canadian Jesuits in formation

Mercywords – An E-journal that is an interdisciplinary forum for religious and laity, which explores ideas and questions in theology, religious studies, scripture, spirituality, and social activism

There is Power in the Blog – A blog for political theology by Equinox Press

Centre of Theology and Philosophy –  A research-led institution organized at the interstices of theology and philosophy

The New Left Review – A secular journal of social theory

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