A Sermon Preached on the Conversion of St. Paul

Jeffrey Metcalfe

St. Paul was a pious man: a man who knew his creeds, who said his prayers, a man who believed them: a man of faith.

St. Paul was an educated man: a man who wrote Greek in the morning, read Aramaic in the afternoon, and chanted Hebrew in the evening; a man fluent in the scriptures of his people and familiar with the philosophies of the Gentiles.

St. Paul was a trustworthy man: an ancient day bishop’s man, the kind of person authorities send in to clean up religious messes. He’s the guy you want on your side in any clerical council or theological debate.

And St. Paul was a good man: a man on his way to making a difference in the world. A man who painfully saw the misrecognition and misdirection of his people, and a man who was prepared to do whatever it took to aid God’s mission in the world.

Even if at the time, that mission included killing Christians. Continue reading